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10000 BEARDS

Our journey started in 2014 with serious doubts and mixed emotions as one would feel when starting their first business. The idea sparked with our own expectations of having an amazing place to get a neat, professional haircut in Cluj-Napoca.

We thought of never having to google barbershops or go stand in queues and get an average look. We imagined having a fun barber as your buddy to hang out with and leave with a killer haircut, made with skill and quality hair care products. No offense to women, but we also envisioned it as a man cave, focused on exclusivity and traditional barber concept.

Years later, we couldn’t be more grateful for the sacrifices and hard times we have had to stand to get to where we are today. We have certainly put more passion into our family business than into anything else. All our clients are and will always be deserving of not only an excellent barber service, but also finding a friendly and chill feeling here in the barbershop.

To give thanks to all people involved in our growth over the past years, our clients, our suppliers and all our partners in crime, we commit to not only keep up, but find new ways to improve your Milestone experience.

Soon we will also find ways to give back with our CSR projects. We do care. Trust us.


Professional products

We only work with the best products from the industry so your beard and hair can enjoy their special treatment.


Our team is experienced with the work needed for a perfect cut. We only provide the best services to keep our customers happy and smiling each time they leave our shop.


Our shop is located close to Central Park and near Platinia Shopping Center. You can get here by bus, car, bike or even a helicopter.

Friendly staff

Anyone is welcomed to our shop. A cozy feeling awaits and our barbers are always gemütlich.


"Recomand oricarui barbos. Baietii stiu ce fac!"

Andrei Bohaterest

"Impeccable haircut and super friendly!"

Nahuel Barroso

"Been a client since it opened and I recommend the place for the staff and for all the know how of the barbers."

Bogndan Gaitan

"Of you are picky about your looks and expect great service, this is the place"

Ronald Borsi

"Nice place, good vibes and amazing barber. If you need a haircut this is the pne of the best places in town."

Bogdan M.

Our clients

Anyone is welcomed to our shop, but we love the bearded guys. So no offense ladies, but our place is dedicated to men. Curly, straight, tangled, long, short, afro we cut them all. If it has hair, we will cut it (no balls, no ass and no pets please). We love long beards and crazy moustaches. Taming them is our job.